Cinderella x Valentino - Last Metro Home

What if Cinderella lives in 2015?
How did the prince find her?


The fairy tale of Cinderella was one of my favourites since my childhood.  I couldn't help wonder : why I've drawn this scene again and again since I was 5 years old (honestly, about 100 times I guess)? The scene that Cinderella dropped her crystal shoe on the stairs. What do I really enjoy drawing it? The beauty of separation? The lost and found expectation? Or just simply we could see every nice elements in one image? - The dress, the prince, the shoes and the palace? 

Till now, I still cannot find out the answer... There was something fascinates me. Oh well, is it that important to know the reason? 

The thing was I was very excited when Mister Marcus (DrawADot) approached me for this project: A fairy tale Christmas postcard inspired by Valentino collections. What a nice occasion to review my childhood! Then the first thing popped up in my mind was this Cinderella scene (What a surprise!) 

"What would Cinderella be like now? "

When I was "casting" my models, I ran into the photos of the couple Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl. They really have the Prince and Princess vibes. And that was it.  

With my weekly column Calepin de Ben in journal Métro newspaper in Montreal, I've been sketching subway passengers from different cultures almost 2 years... How about starring Cinderella this time? Dear Montrealers, could you tell from the illustration: which subway station is this?

For the clothing, I was really in love with this heart-blue-dress for Cinderella (Olivia Palermo), from Valentino F/W 2014, and the burgundy leather top for the prince (Johannes Huebl) from S/S 2015 menswear. And for sure, the star of 2014: #RockStuds as the crystal shoes. (Red never goes wrong for Holidays right? )

Finally, guess what I received as my X'mas gift? Voilà :)


So that's pretty much the making-of story of this illustration.
How do you like it?

I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Wish your dreams come true in 2015!


BENDA (Ben Liu) × 时尚Cosmopolitain - God bless Pore Girls

God bless "Pore Girls"
Have you ever had big pores problem on your face?

These illustrations (comics) for Cosmopolitan China,
shows 5 girls in 5 embarassing situations due to their big pore issue.

As I wanted to do a little tribute to Roy Lichtenstein and René Magritte.
You might find some references there.

" Oh, dear pores, please... don't...explode..."

Ben Liu Cosmopolitan China - Big Pore

 Strawberry A: " You think you could be one of us since you've got a strawberry-nose? "
Strawberry B: " She dreams "

Ben Liu Cosmopolitan China - Big Pore

" Thank God! I can finally remove my makeup... lalalah "

Ben Liu Cosmopolitan China - Big Pore

 " Filter filter filter, filter power! ... #NoFilter ! "

Ben Liu Cosmopolitan China - Big Pore

 Gentleman : " But... I thought tonight wasn't a mask party... "
 Lady : " Oh my, Sis, could your powder be even thicker? "

Magazine Layouts :

Ben Liu Cosmopolitan China - Big Pore -FanBingBing

Ben Liu Cosmopolitan China - Big Pore


Ask BENDA - Inspirations?

At Sherborne Station - Toronto - Ben Liu
At Sherborne Station - Toronto - 2014

" - Where do you get your inspirations?
  - What inspires you?"

I get into thought for a while, good question! As I always been asked like these. But what exactly inspires me? Too busy drawing to think about it... :P

I would say daily life? Or "boring" daily life more precisly. I mean according to many people, daily life is not that amazing as they could have appreciated much: As we Chinese always say: 柴米油盐 (fuel; rice; oil and salt, which means normal basic daily necessities) . 

I love observing people and sights around me. As an illustrator, I do live sketch (#BENDAsketch) everyday (almost, actually...), to practise and improve my drawing skill, like any other singers doing vocalization everyday. (Which seems quite normal right?) 

But by keeping doing this, I realized that what really inspire me the most, are those beauties I ingored because of the everyday's busy rush: we are too busy for this, too rush for that... Never really have time to stop a bit, observing the real things right there, alive...

Funny thing: I went to bruch with a friend, while we were waiting for the meal, I started to sketch the kitchen as we sat at the bar. The waiter caught me, and after she showed my sketchbook to the chef I drew, she whispered to me: "He doesn't smile much, this is the first time I see him smiles."  Maybe we are even too busy to smile as well? :)

What about you? What inspire you?
Do you also find inspirations in your daily life?

At Eggspectation Montreal - 2014

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